In 1985, CCUSA was created as a company to provide young people from around the world an exciting opportunity to experience summer camp in the USA. Today, we are an internationally recognized organization that offers over 15 programs* worldwide and recruits from over 60 countries. We have placed over 310,000 young people in hundreds of summer camps and seasonal employment positions across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, Europe, Brazil, Asia and South Africa!    *(Not all programs are available in all countries).

Below is a brief description of CCUSA and our programs:

In 1985 the Camp Counselors USA program was founded to give internationals the chance to work in the USA and share their culture and experiences with American children during their summer holidays. As a staff provider for more than 900 US camps, Camp Counselors USA has developed a renowned reputation for the high quality of service we provide to both our participants and our camps. Camp Counselors USA is respected in the US camping industry as the company that provides only the best quality counselors and support staff to camps. The participants we recruit are known for their great attitudes, strong work ethic and abilities.

In 1995, Work Experience USA was developed to widen the opportunities offered to internationals. Work Experience USA provides participants with valuable learning and personal growth experiences in jobs throughout the USA. Participants come to work in the USA during their summer holidays from University. Many of our participants have worked in , national parks, amusement parks, resorts, hotels, ranches and in any number of other various seasonal employers. With many options to choose from, this student-only program is a great way to expand your work experience, resume and meet new friends. Once again, CCUSA continues to lead the way by supplying top quality staff for US employers.

In 1996, CCUSA expanded its work programs outside of the United States with the opening of Camp Counselors Russia. This program offers the opportunity for young people to work as a counselor at summer camps for Russian children and to exchange cultures and traditions in an unique setting.

In 1997, Work Adventures Down Under was launched. 18 – 30 year olds travel to Australia or New Zealand or a combination of both to work and travel their way around the country. Work Adventures Down Under helps participants with the right advice and assistance to make their travel and work in these countries as carefree and memorable as possible.

In 2000, CCUSA expanded its offerings to include Practical Training USA. The J-1 trainee visa allows qualified individuals in the fields of Commerce, Finance, Business and Management to come to the USA and improve their skills through a 12 - 18 month training program. Successful completion of this program is a valuable enhancement to anyone’s CV.

In 2003, Camp California debuted. After years of requests for an American-style summer camp in mainland Europe, CCUSA took action and built a summer camp on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. With over 160 campers per two-week sessions and a staff of 50 counselors from around the world, this camp has it all- international friendships, singing, games, ropes courses, climbing walls and, of course, a wonderful waterfront program including a renowned sailing program. CCUSA recruits both campers AND staff from around the world for Camp California. 

In 2006 CCUSA added a couple of new exciting programs:

  • Camp Counselors Canada: CCUSA teamed up with NYQUEST to supply Camp Counselors and Support Staff to work at summer camps in Canada. 
  • Work and Play Canada: CCUSA has teamed up with GO International Work & Travel Providers to bring you this exciting program. CCUSA recruits seasonal and year round staff to work at ski resorts and other employers in Canada. *You must hold an IEC visa to take part on this program.

 In 2007, CCUSA started Volunteer Experience South Africa. In conjunction with You2Africa, participants from the UK, Australia and America have the opportunity to partake in volunteer programs in South Africa. 

In 2008, Working Holiday USA was created to allow Australians and New Zealanders the option to extend their international working adventure in the USA for up to 12 month

In 2009, CCUSA added new Volunteer programs. Participants will be able to volunteer through Volunteer Latin America, Volunteer Asia, and a new volunteer option in New Zealand.

Our entire range of programs offers exciting options for all ages. Anyone interested in our work & volunteer programs should come prepared to work hard, meet new people, have fun and be an ambassador for their country! 

Through a CCUSA program, you will develop strong personal friendships with people from around the world; grow, learn and experience different lifestyles as more than just a tourist; and become a valuable member of the community that you work in. 

This year, CCUSA programs will place over 35,000 individuals in work and volunteer opportunities around the world! We are extremely proud of all the programs we have to offer. They provide a fun, safe and rewarding way to experience the world. We look forward to helping you experience the ‘Best Adventure of Your Life!’

The CCUSA Team