Assurance for Parents

Experience speaks for itself

Since 1985, we have been dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the 15 programs we provide globally. With offices in 60 different countries worldwide, we have the resources, support and experience to provide your children with the memorable experience we have already given over 350,000 participants already. 

Something for everyone

CCUSA are the industry’s specialists when it comes to summer camps offering opportunities in four different countries (including running our own ‘American Style Summer Camp’ outside of America). We also run other cultural exchange programs (besides summer camp opportunities), which are ideal for GAP years and during summer holidays for both students and non-students including:

  • Work and Travel programs in America and Canada allowing people to choose specific areas of interest (ski seasons, hospitality, internships etc);
  • Volunteer and Teaching projects in Africa, Asia and South America.


Young people who take part on a CCUSA program will come back newly invigorated after their experience working in a different country/culture. Not only will they grow in independence, maturity and understanding, but they will come back with new life skills, which will set them up for the future!

If your child is applying for either the Camp Counselors USA or Work Experience USA program, you can rest assured that they are going with an official designated J-1 visa sponsor. CCUSA are one of only two official American J-1 visa sponsors in the US. This sponsorship means that we are designated by the US Department of State to work directly with participants to assist them in obtaining the J-1 visa required for this type of work. 


Applying for any of the CCUSA programs will involve several stages including – online application showing your skills and experience; paying a deposit to show your commitment to the program; attend a personal CCUSA interview; provide references (different programs require different number of references).

Depending on the program, visas, police checks and medicals will most likely be required and these are usually applied for through a 3rd party, but CCUSA will always provide the most up to date help and instructions.

Travel insurance

Our policy unfortunately does not cover pre-existing conditions, so we suggest that anyone who needs coverage for such a condition seek additional personal coverage before traveling.


CCUSA offers full support both here and the country which the applicant is heading to. The support will come in a 24 hour service from our Head Office in the United States. Each participant will be provided with advice and instructions on all aspects of their trip prior to departure. Some programs have compulsory pre-departure orientation meetings facilitated by CCUSA.


Depending on the program, CCUSA offers both the flexibility to arrange your own flight or take a flight offered by CCUSA. 

Program Fees

There are program fees associated with all of the programs that CCUSA offers. Additionally there may be 3rd party costs (ie- J-1 visa application fee, medical check, etc.) associated with some, but not all, of the programs which we offer. CCUSA charges program fees to cover the costs of running a fully supportive program, which includes insurance, staffing, orientations, flights (if included in program) and other support provided. Certain fees are refundable if a participant cancels from a program (see CCUSA program agreement for each individual program for specific details on refunds).