CCUSA can help your career/course

If you are looking for the perfect student summer job, seeking the perfect college or University placement, or just looking for the next step on the career ladder, CCUSA has something for everyone! Not only will you have a great time on our programs, but the experience will help to boost your career and CV!

Are you a student looking for the perfect College/University placement or project?

CCUSA offers programs from four weeks to 12 months in duration, which work within the timelines of most college/university course placement requirements.

Students studying teaching, sports related courses, nursing, social care, religious studies would benefit from any of our Summer Camp programs working directly with children for up to 10 weeks.

Additionally, anyone studying Travel & Tourism, American Studies or Business related courses (to name just a few), would benefit from our Work Experience USA or Work & Play Canada programs, where you can select the industry you wish to work in for up to 3 months* (*Some industry restrictions apply for the WEUSA program based on J-1 visa regulations).

Not only will you have the best summer job/placement ever, but this experience will additionally provide excellent advantages benefitting you as a student, such as:

  • GAIN practical hands on experience & put your classroom theory and learning to the test in a new and exciting community & culture;
  • LEARN new valuable skills working with other students/staff from around the world;
  • FIND the perfect course ‘work placement’ or dissertation/project, as well as boost your experience making your CV stand out;
  • STAND OUT from the rest when applying for jobs! Working in a different culture/country shows initiative and independence, making you a more interesting candidate for employment!

Enhancing your employability

"Making yourself employable is a big part of getting the job you want – good qualifications are only half the answer…. the other half is good experience, especially experience of working in a new culture and country!" (Employability and Graduate Development Service)

When you begin looking/applying for that perfect job, you will be in the company of approximately 2 million others, so it is important to make sure that you stand out and can offer practical skills and experience that employers are looking for. Working on a CCUSA program will help you develop exactly those types of skills and experiences thus enhancing your employability. 

Participating in one of CCUSA’s programs (both working and travelling) will provide ideal opportunities for you to demonstrate to employers your skills in the following:

  • the ability to work as part of a team and with people from different cultures
  • time management & responsibility; 
  • interpersonal skills; 
  • ‘life skills’ such as independence and maturity;
  • leadership and communication.

Employers are more interested in applicants who have traveled abroad and have experience working in a different culture/country. This demonstrates an ability to accept new challenges and adapt to new environments easily. 

Whether you are a student or already in the work force, participating on a CCUSA program will provide you with skills to take forward in life. And having an internationally  recognized company like CCUSA on your CV will give you a HUGE advantage in your career path!