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Role of a Support Staff

If you would still like to experience the summer camp experience but don’t feel you would suit a counselor role, or you don’t feel comfortable working directly with the children, then maybe the role of Support Staff is more suited for you.

Just because you won’t be working directly with the children, it doesn’t mean your job is less important than as a counselor; if anything it is more important and this is why you earn more pocket money. The backbone of camp, Support Staff help to keep camp operations running smoothly and efficiently. Your job at camp can range from preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen, to office work, maintenance and grounds work.


Support Staff generally share their own housing (cabins, dormitories, or platform tents) with co-workers and do not share a cabin with children. During your time off, you are allowed to use the camps facilities if other activities permit this.


Staff and campers eat in what is normally called the Dining Hall. Depending on your camp, you get your food from a “buffet” or it is served “family style” (in which platters of food are bought to your table). The dining hall is a fun and lively part of camp, with lots of talking, chants, and singing. As Support Staff, we strongly urge you to get involved with the chants and singing in the dining hall, as this will only add to your camp experience.

Working Hours and Time Off

Participants are expected to work a minimum of eight weeks. During this time, there will be at least six full days off from work and a few hours of free time every evening.

Support Staff Skills

General Cleaner
General Maintenance
Building Repairs
Grounds Work
Mowing Lawns

Night Watchman
Rubbish/Garbage Removal
Stable Work

Chef/Assistant Chef
Food Server
Office Work
Camp Store/Canteen
Data Entry
Word Processing/Data Entry/Computers
Note: These positions are only available to native English speakers.